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Well here lies this months stupidest tale, one of "Cassie and Bunty's grand adventures"... which we all know end so well.

After recovering from a complete lack of sleep from Friday night, Bunty decided she wished to visit her boyfriend Nice!Josh at Grose Vale, which meant scabbing a lift off Mop. Due to the fact i was already gonna go to Mop's house today, this really didn't make a difference to our day's plans... or it at least it wasn't meant to.

While journeying to Josh's house we met a little... snag. Or puddle, whatever.

We completely drove past Josh's house without noticing due to an involved Pink Floyd discussion, and decided that we would just drive to the end of the road and turn around... y'know as you do.

Due to the end of the road being a fire trail, and half this fire trail being flooded... it didn't exactly work out as planned. After a 3 point turn we were then facing the right way back up the road... we were also facing a rather large puddle on our side. Deciding it was only a puddle, we tackled it head on... which may not have been the greatest plan in retrospect.

It turns out that the puddle was not in fact a puddle... it happened in some areas to be a 3 ft ditch... hehe... yeah.

We may have tilted a little... and we may have stuck there... and there may have been some flipping danger... and the car may have began to fill slowly with water...

The 4 wheel drive behind us happened to find this situation particularly amusing, but they stopped to help anyway. After climbing out of the higher side of the car, Mop went to get help from the house next to the fire track. In response to asking for a rope the lady simply said "oh... you're in the puddle aren't you."

Many more amusing moments passed before the 4 wheel drive managed to tow us out with the assistance of said rope. By this point Bunty and i were standing well away from the car with our possessions trying to avoid the crap filled water... while laughing.

Eventually the car was freed and when the doors were opened a small waterfall was formed... from the now putrid car. This was about the time Josh arrived after Bunty had called him to inform him of our misadventure. After a few moments of laughing at our situation and assessing the situation, Josh turned around and said "oh, hi I'm Josh."

And that was how I met Josh.

The End...?

Hehe, the were many more amusing hours of cow poop water and the telling of Mop's parents... but that's a story for another time =D


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