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Birthdate:Oct 1
Location:New South Wales, Australia
Well once upon a time I was very, very bored so I made myself a journal.

Buffy Geek Code cos I'm a geek.
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Marriage is love.

Gay Steel Mills: They Work Hard, And They Play Hard
That's Why We Love Them

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1960s, 60's music, a hard day's night, angel, angel/spike, angel: the series, arrested development, australia, bi, black books, blackadder, books, boy meets boy, brian epstein, british comedy, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy; the vampire slayer, bugs bunny, chasers war on everything, chronicles of narnia, classic rock, count duckula, crowded house, david bowie, david tennant, doctor who, dollhouse, double oh sexy, dr horrible's sing-along blog, dragons, early childhood education, eeyore, fab four, falsifying statistics, fan fiction, fandom, fantasy, fawlty towers, firefly, french and saunders, friends, futurama, garfield, george harrison, good omens, harley goldman, harry potter, himym, how i met your mother, i am the walrus, internet, interview with the vampire, james marsters, john barrowman, john cleese, john lennon, joss whedon, keeping up appearances, let it be...naked, lily/james, lily/sirius, lord of the rings, lust, mac, magical mystery tour, marauders, matt smith, mikhael rasputin, monty python, monty python's flying circus, mr bean, mr squiggle, muppets, music, mythology, nathan fillion, neil patrick harris, nintendo, once more with feeling, paul mccartney, peace, photography, pinky and the brain, pizza, potatoes, powderfinger, queen, queer as folk, quotes, quoting, raggy dolls, reading, red dwarf, remus/sirius, richard starkey, ringo starr, rocky horror picture show, rowan atkinson, rubber soul, sarah jane smith, scrubs, serenity, sex, sgt pepper, shinanigans, simpsons, sirius black, sirius/lily, sirius/remus, sleeping, spangel, spike, sydney, tank girl, teenage mutant ninja turtles, that 70s show, the beatles, the hobbit, the irish, the it crowd, the simpsons, the vampire chronicles, the vicar of dibley, the white album, the x-files, the young ones, tom baker, torchwood, trapdoor, trigger happy tv, useless knowledge, vampire chronicles, vampires, veronica mars, vodka, wallace and gromit, wii, willow, winnie the pooh, with the beatles, world domination, xander, yellow submarine,
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