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Thanks for all the support everyone, it is appreciated.

Our news story has made quite the splash on facebook. Both of them.

Mainly I have been trying to see humour in it, instead of the horribly, horribly depressing, cos let's face it, it's horribly, horribly depressing, and I really don't want to think about it. The most upsetting parts are when I see before shots like this since it now looks like this.

Actually, I got most upset last night when I looked at this since it used to look like this. :(

Yesterday was surreal, going in and pulling stuff out. We've put anything we could in the garage and locked it up, as they've now boarded up the house.

Today... I dunno. I have a mysterious headache. But it all still seems so weird, and detached.

And it's very quiet here today. Matt had to go back to prac, Trys is at his family's house, Tat is in Katoomba, and Dad has gone to hospital for a knee replacement.

So I am sitting here thinking how I need to go hang out all my clothes that have been washed to see if the smell will come out. And also how Mum sent me $500 to go shopping with, and I really don't want to.

Obviously the nightmare in this for me is that I have to go clothes shopping :p I really will since my wardrobe with all my jackets in it melted (well the inside did) and it is still winter. So very many jackets...

Tonight I go to Mum's for dinner, and I need to buy a birthday cake for grandma since it is her birthday week, and I kinda stepped all over it with my house fire :p She said my birthday present was that I was alive. David pointed out that we've always been alive for her birthdays and we still get her things :p

Anyways, I ought to actually make an effort with those clothes I guess.


P.S. Anyone who was wondering, the fire happened about 10mins after I posted that entry about how long my day was :p

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